Epoxy Mortar


It provides a high-quality system that is highly impacting, chemical resistant, and durable. It helps conceal existing damage on floors and has excellent abrasion resistance to withstand heavy machinery movement.

Uses of Epoxy Mortar

It is used in all industrial and commercial facilities that require chemicals, such as:

  1. Manufacturing plants.
  2. Mechanical Rooms.
  3. Warehouse commercial.
  4. Kitchen’s restaurant.
  5. Garages.
  6. Service areas.

Surface characteristics to apply the mortar

The concrete must be clean, dry, and free of grease, paint oil, dust-curing agents, or any foreign material that will prevent proper adhesion.

Advantages of Epoxy Mortar

  1. Excellent abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance.
  2. High tensile strength and hardness.
  3. Resistant to stains.
  4. Excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials.
  5. Fix quickly.
  6. High strength and high hardness.
  7. Good abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance.