Tunnels Injection


Tunnel building is one of the most demanding engineering disciplines in the construction industry. Tunnel structures have to meet extremely high standards in terms of their strength, water impermeability, and durability.

With the process always susceptible to the interaction between man-made buildings, natural rock, and water, injection measures are invariably a necessary part of the construction project.

OSISCO Tunnels Injection Services

  1. To support, safeguard, and waterproof start and end shafts, as well as the shield tail when carrying out maintenance measures to prevent unwanted water ingress.
  2. Advanced stabilizing and waterproofing injection in order to secure the freshly excavated tunnel tube.
  3. Shield tail sealing for maintenance work as tunnel boring continues.
  4. Protection of the concrete against the penetration of contaminants via cracks and cavities.
  5. Waterproofing and subsequent sealing of tubing joints.