Hydraulic Structures Injection


Hydraulic structures are important for energy production, drinking water supply, waterway navigation, and regulation of the ecological water balance, making them integral to public life, industry, and the environment.

Like the adjacent rock and soil, the concrete or masonry construction materials must meet special requirements in terms of stability and water impermeability. Injection systems are often the best solution when it comes to ensuring the protection, reinforcement, and sealing of these structures.

OSISCO Hydraulic Structures Injection Services

  1. Stabilization and reinforcement of the construction.
  2. Ensuring water impermeability in line with specifications.
  3. Sealing of joints and surfaces against pressurized and non-pressurized water.
  4. Grouting and backfilling of voids and cavities.
  5. Sealing and consolidation of adjacent subsoil and rock.