Subterranean Infrastructure Injection


Subterranean infrastructure Injection performs a wide range of functions, providing essential lifelines for efficient, comfortable urban existence.

Media channels serve to enhance the ease and convenience with which we pursue our lives. However, because they are invariably embedded in foundation soil and building developments, their maintenance, and repair are particularly complicated and expensive.

Subterranean ducting can often only be strengthened and sealed from the inside using injection techniques. Minimally invasive injection technologies reduce the cost of application without disrupting municipal life.

OSISCO Subterranean Infrastructure Services

  1. Protection and waterproofing of manholes and shaft structures.
  2. Sealing of joints, cracks, and cavities in ducting and sewerage to prevent infiltration and exfiltration.
  3. Sealing of pipe transits.
  4. External waterproofing through curtain injection.
  5. Backfilling and consolidation of foundation soil.