Industrial buildings Injection


Floors in industrial buildings – including warehouses and material handling concourses – have to be built to withstand not just static and dynamic loads but also, in many cases, chemical attacks.

Such highly stressed concrete surfaces need to be densely compacted, waterproof, homogeneous, and flat. Permanent, effective concrete repairs start with the sealing or rigid filling of cracks and cavities. And should you also require a solution for foundation soil rehabilitation.

OSISCO Industrial buildings Services

  1. Protection of the concrete against the ingress of harmful substances through cracks and cavities.
  2. Prevention of liquid ingress and leaks.
  3. Corrosion protection of the reinforcing steel.
  4. Rigid filling of cracks and cavities resistant to compressive and tensile forces.
  5. Pressure-grouting of traffic-carrying surfaces for the purpose of stabilization and leveling.