Excavation Pits and Foundation Soil


Without subsoil, there can be no building. Structural stability depends on having foundation soil of sufficient bearing capacity despite differing strata, compositions, and varying water interference.

Water penetrates into the excavation pit, and loose rock slipping down trench walls can considerably disrupt the construction process.

OSISCO injection systems ensure safe and secure building conditions and reliable construction scheduling. If the foundation of a building has to be corrected even long after its completion, consolidating, reinforcing, and lifting injection technologies can be reliably deployed to resolve the issue.

OSISCO Excavation Pits and Foundation Soil Services

  1. Consolidation and securing of excavation pit surround.
  2. Prevention of inflowing water.
  3. Filling of crevices, cavities, voids, and gaps.
  4. Reinforcement and sealing of subsoil Lifting injections.