Ballast Beds Injection


Regional and super-regional railways form the backbone of essential infrastructure serving commerce, industry and the public at large.

Quality in railways is essentially determined by the standard of track engineering. Ballast bonding systems can contribute to reducing construction and reconstruction costs.

They offer increased operational reliability and safety, coupled with reduced vehicle wear and tear. Embankments and rocky areas can also benefit from the provision of secured, bonded gravel surfaces.

OSISCO Ballast Beds Injection Services

  1. Bonding, stabilization, and retention of loose rock.
  2. Bonding, stabilization, and retention of the ballast-mounted track. Superstructure components are required to withstand rapid loading.
  3. Waterproofing of gravel surfaces.
  4. Blending of the ballast bed in transitions between earthworks and man-made structures.
  5. Securing ballast beds during track construction work.
  6. Environmentally compatible, permanent vegetation growth restriction.