Multi-Storey and Underground Car Parks


Multi-storey and underground car parks are exposed to particular forms of degradation. In contrast to other buildings, they need to withstand dynamic loads, adverse weather conditions, and de-icing agents as a matter of course.

Any form of cracking is particularly critical. Penetrating water restricts the usability and safety of car parks. However, this and major consequential damage to the building fabric can be avoided through the use of injection systems.

OSISCO Multi-Storey & Underground Car Parks Services

  1. Protection of the concrete against the ingress of harmful substances through cracks and cavities.
  2. Reinforcement of concrete components to withstand tensile and compressive loading.
  3. Corrosion protection of reinforcing steel and similar inserts.
  4. Waterproofing of external components, particularly in areas in contact with the subsoil.
  5. Sealing of construction and expansion joints.
  6. Improvement of components prior to the surface coating and/or installation of adhesive-bonded CFRP strips, etc.