Real Estate Injection


Real estate investments will invariably retain their functional, monetary, and prestige value for investors, owners, and users provided that the properties in question are maintained.

Nowadays, damp walls, cracked ceilings, and uneven floors can be permanently repaired using minimally invasive injection measures, protecting and strengthening a building before such defects can cause major damage.

Occasionally, injections are also required to introduce subsequent waterproofing under floor slabs or at other locations which cannot be reached from the outside.

Injection systems offer all the technological prerequisites to enable such work to be carried out successfully.


OSISCO Real Estate Injection Services:

  • Protection of the concrete against ingress water and other harmful substances through cracks and cavities.
  • Reinforcement of concrete components in the area of cracks and holes to better resist tensile and compressive loading.
  • Corrosion protection of the reinforcing steel and similar inserts.
  • Waterproofing of external components, mainly in areas in contact with subsoil.
  • They are sealing construction and expansion joints.