Water Inrush Prevention


Water inrush and mud gushing are one of the biggest hazards in construction. Due to the different settings of different locations, the unfavorable geological sections cannot be fully determined before construction, which increases the risk of water inrush and mud gushing.

The treatment methods include choosing a method of advanced geological forecast according to risk degrees of different sections in the construction, determining the items of predictions, and choosing the appropriate methods.

Acrylate gels

In fact, acrylate systems also penetrate fine-particle, non-cohesive types of soil and solidify these while preserving certain ductility of the stabilized areas at the same time.

To stop only a minor water inrush using this technique, the acrylate gel must be set to its most rapid reaction time (approx. 10-15s). The injection process should be carried out at a flow rate as high as possible via packers with a large inner diameter.

Polyurethane resin

Rigid polyurethane injection resins harden to form a tough injection material used to seal water inrushes, or for the consolidation and filling of voids.

Their low viscosity ensures good penetration into the rock strata to seal leaks and achieve durable consolidation.

Polyurethane resins seal with very good edge adhesion and also have useful water-repelling hydrophobic characteristics.

Water and mud inrush

Water and mud inrush is one of the typical geological hazards during tunnel construction in karst areas. In weight of water or mud inrush risks of karst tunnels are studied and the index system for water and mud inrush risk evaluation is established based on an analytic hierarchy process.

The analysis shows that geological structure, formation lithology, and groundwater level are the main control ingredients of water or mud inrush risk geographic and geomorphic conditions, the attitude of rock formation is the minor significant factor surrounding rock mass classification, and rainfall is the least important element.

Places where Water and mud inrush occur

  1. Tunnel Construction.
  2. Mining Process.
  3. In underground with very high water pressure.
  4. Karst terrain.

Water and mud Inrush Prevention

The main problem is the high void ratio in the soil with high pressure of water, So we must prevent the water to get in the void by using grouting with a special material such as:

  1. Acrylate gels.
  2. Polyurethane resin.