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Epoxy resin Egypt has risen in popularity as a flooring option for both commercial and residential applications. Epoxy’s advantages over other flooring options continue to grow.

Its growing success is due in part to its incredible strength and durability. But, after all, how hard is epoxy resin? What is the secret of its durability? This article will help you understand everything you need to know about epoxy resin Egypt, next we will know more about it with OSISCO.

Epoxy resin Egypt

Epoxy resin Egypt is an extremely powerful and durable polymer, which makes it popular anywhere, especially for those that need a stronger solution.

Formulators combine different chemicals and materials to form an incredible resin. While it starts as just a simple liquid that can be easily poured, the real power comes after it’s completely dried and cured.

After curing, it can withstand significant levels of stress or pressure. Epoxy is especially strong when installed on a solid, well-prepared concrete base.

What makes epoxy so strong?

Epoxy resin’s unique molecular composition is what gives it extraordinary strength. Long chains of molecules in the resin structure form interlocking bonds with each other. This strong bond is responsible for the epoxy’s extremely durable quality, as well as its resistance to tearing, scratching, and more!

In addition to these bonds, the curing process allows the epoxy to sink into the foundation and to harden into and on top of the floor surface. This is why you will often see installers etching acid onto a concrete surface to prepare it for epoxy. The more porous the surface, within some limits, the better the bond.

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How hard is epoxy resin Egypt?

Two things you should know about epoxy resin Egypt are its high tensile strength and compressive strength. The first will tell if it can withstand a lot of pressure and stretch without breaking.

The second tells us how much weight the body has to apply before we see any signs of damage (in this case, wrinkles). In both respects, epoxy resin is a step above the many flooring alternatives you can choose from. Epoxy resin Egypt can withstand pressures of over 10,000 psi.

How to prepare concrete for epoxy resin Egypt?

When it comes to creating the perfect epoxy floor, surface preparation is the most critical step to ensuring the longevity of your floor. It will keep the paint looking new for as long as possible and eliminate the possibility of peeling paint.

Concrete can be prepared for epoxy in 3 ways:

  • Acid knurling
  • Diamond grinding
  • The explosive shot

Acid knurling


The process of acid etching is carried out using hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is the chemical used in acid etching, but it can have harmful effects on the environment. When using this chemical, make sure all pets are away from the area for their safety.

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Before you begin acid etching or any concrete preparation, it is important to fill any cracks or holes in the surface of the concrete with a crack filler.

After filling in all the cracks and holes in the surface, be sure to remove any mastic or glue from the surface. Acid etching will not eat away at any of these materials, so it is essential to remove them before priming begins.

Once the floor cracks are filled and dirt is removed, spread the acid etching solution over the surface and spread it evenly with a stiff-bristled broom. Leave the acid on the concrete for 10 minutes, then pressure washes the surface and scrubs off the remaining material after everything has dried.

Diamond grinding

A concrete grinding machine uses diamond grit blades to shape the surface so that the epoxy can adhere to the surface properly. As a good rule of thumb, the lower the grain of a diamond, the rougher the surface.

The explosive shot

Using a shot blasting machine requires a great deal of technical skill, which makes the technique difficult if you are not a skilled professional. Additionally, if used improperly, a shot blasting machine can do more harm than good to floors. With this technique, the floor will be removed from all blemishes and imperfections so there will not be much additional cleaning required.

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If you are considering using epoxy floors in your garage or basement, this is a great option! Some people refer to epoxy as the coating of life because it is long-lasting and durable. Residential applications have been known to last up to 30 years, while high-traffic industrial applications may last up to 15 years.

Many factors can affect the lifespan of your epoxy resin egypt floors


Surface Type

The type of surface you install the epoxy on will affect its lifespan. This is true even for different types of concrete installation.

Epoxy lasts longer on concrete with a minimum strength of 3,000 psi. If your concrete has a strength of less than 2,500 psi, it will reduce the life of your epoxy coating.

Surface Preparation

Surfaces should be cleaned and vacuumed. This includes cleaning up oil spills and anything else that may have landed on the floors.

You need to clean up dust and debris regularly to keep the epoxy looking its best. Also, before applying epoxy, concrete surfaces must be acidly etched, and any damage to the surface must be repaired. Proper surface preparation will increase the life of your epoxy floors.

Epoxy resin thickness

How thick you install the epoxy coating will also make a difference. The thicker the epoxy, the longer it will last, especially in industrial settings. Heavier epoxy can better handle heavy equipment and traffic. In some industrial places, they have laid the floor 1000 microns thick to ensure it lasts as long as possible.


The amount of traffic your epoxy resin egypt floors will see will affect how long it takes. The epoxy on your home will last much longer than a surface moved by forklifts and other equipment. This is why epoxy does not last long in an industrial setting. Industrial settings generally have much higher foot traffic and much heavier equipment, which causes floors to deteriorate faster.

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How to check if the flooring needs replacing

If you start to see your floors discolor, it’s time to consider an epoxy refinish. You may also notice small cracks along the epoxy floor. It is an additional sign that it’s essential to have new flooring.

Some people complain of epoxy paint peeling over time, especially in the garage. This is usually caused because some preparation steps were skipped before applying the epoxy, and so the resin did not bond properly with the flooring substrate. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can prevent the epoxy from peeling off.

common problems that cause flaking of epoxy floors:

Sealed Substrate

If the substrate contains some type of sealant that you haven’t removed, the epoxy will not be able to properly bond to the surface.

If you think your floors have a sealer in them, be sure to sand the floor to remove the sealant and get your floor ready for epoxy. For concrete, it is helpful to use a floor grinder to grind the concrete. It gives the epoxy more bond and helps ensure it does not flake off.

Moisture problems

Because epoxy cures so hard, there is no way for moisture to escape from the substrate. It can cause overpressure and cause the epoxy to peel off.

Before installing the epoxy, be sure to perform a moisture test on your concrete. You must take care of any leaking problems you may have. It is good practice to use an epoxy primer to help mitigate moisture problems.


Oil stains and other contaminants

If you spill oil or other things on the floor, it can cause the epoxy to not adhere properly. To tackle this problem on concrete, you need to press wash the floor. Pressure washing and using a floor grinder should be sufficient to remove any residue that would prevent proper bonding.

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old concrete

Over time, the concrete’s top surface may begin to fracture and crack more. It can be caused by moisture on the surface when the concrete is curing. It is usually a thin layer on top. Once again, the floor mill comes to the rescue. Grind this top coat so it won’t negatively affect the epoxy coating.

Epoxy resin Egypt is incredibly resistant to wear and tear, so your investment remains protected in every way – what more could anyone ask for? If you have any inquiries, contact us now.

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