curtain injections waterproofing


Curtain injections are used for the post-construction sealing of structural elements with ground contact affected by moisture. Curtain injections are suitable for restoring basements, shafts, canals, and tunnels. Curtain injections also called gel injections are mainly used if the structural elements concerned cannot be sealed from the outside or if this is not possible without […]

The Prominence of Flooring Systems in Food Industry


Flooring systems in the food industry are very important. Consumer confidence in food quality is essential, and the safe production of food and beverages depends greatly on the hygienic design of food processing facilities. Because of the sensitive nature and potential for contamination of these environments, food safety requirements are taken into consideration when designing […]

Cracking injection method


The concrete Cracking injection brings back the crack together and helps restore the strength of a structure. The repair strength of these injections happens to be stronger than that of concrete. The solution also prevents movement of the concrete that takes place during natural expansion and provides the concrete with the potential to create more […]

What is the best usage of Epoxy Terrazzo?


Designers use epoxy terrazzo for the external facades of modern villas and buildings. It is known in English as “Terrazzo.” It is a building material capable of creating many unique finishes. Building materials such as marble, granite, glass, and sometimes epoxy is used in factories, next we will know more about it with OSISCO. when […]

Concrete polishing


Concrete polishing like granite and marble is a popular flooring material used on every surface type. Although it is an auxiliary and reliable material, unfortunately, it is often affected by dirt, wear, and scratches. Don’t worry; it’s not hard to keep concrete looking new with proper maintenance and care, next we will know more about […]