Metallic Epoxy What are its top benefits?


Metallic Epoxy has several artwork uses, like household and personal tools, decorations, antiques, and accessories. It makes resin art a distinct and preferred handicraft for many people who have artistic taste and want to innovate with their imaginations to produce products that express their character, next we will know more about it with OSISCO. Epoxy […]

Epoxy flooring | What are the best advantages of it?


Epoxy is a material similar to rubber or acrylic but liquid and transparent. After using it and pouring it, it turns into a solid material, and its shape becomes transparent and rigid. It can show anything placed under it. It can offer perfect decorations.

Self-leveling epoxy what are its best benefits?


Self-leveling epoxy is a type of epoxy floor coating that can be applied to hardwood floors to make them durable, low-support flooring, next we will know more about it with OSISCO.   The self-leveling epoxy surface can be applied to old, broken, and damaged hardwood floors to make them smooth, stable surfaces during epoxy spreads […]

Soil Nailing System


Soil nailing is generally classified as a method of soil improvement in cutting, during which a quasi-homogeneous body is created. The method consists of the installation of nails into soil body. The nails are generally steel bars or pipes that are inserted into the drill hole and grouted or driven into the soil using different […]

Foam soil stabilization


The injecting material is called polyurethane Foam soil stabilization, which is a polyol resin sealant (Resins) isocyanates are injectable, and insulating the injecting material extends to fill the voids inside the soil and to reinforce the existing structures and return them to their previous condition. Certainly, soil stabilization may be an important part of the […]