Metallic Epoxy What are its top benefits?


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Metallic Epoxy has several artwork uses, like household and personal tools, decorations, antiques, and accessories. It makes resin art a distinct and preferred handicraft for many people who have artistic taste and want to innovate with their imaginations to produce products that express their character, next we will know more about it with OSISCO.

Epoxy has been used in construction work and has expanded to include today’s resin accessories and their use to make antiques, decorations, and art crafts.

Copper Metallic Epoxy floor


Metallic Epoxy floors are one of the best materials for protecting concrete floors, such as the floors of parking lots, factories, warehouses, and 3D graphics. A 3-D drawing is chosen, printed on a vinyl sheet, and installed on a clean wall. Then, the painting is sprayed with a layer of epoxy to make it look like a painting. Try to use epoxy on bathroom floors due to the constant presence of water.

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Metallic epoxy floor

This Metallic Epoxy type adds a very high luster not found in any other competing material, giving the place joy and increasing its breadth.

  • It has a high capacity to withstand more pressure and repeated use. It is the only reason that pushes many people to install it because it is the strongest among all other materials, such as marble or ceramic. Some heavy transport vehicles enter the warehouse, run on the epoxy floor, and do not have any scratches.
  • It is easy to install and does not need special tools and equipment for cutting or cleaning, nor does it need a specific scheme for its installation or additional adhesives.
  • It is easy to compare to any other type of flooring because it has a 100% glossy surface.
  • Suitable for manufacturing places, warehouses, kitchens, and multiple uses.
  • Resistant to any liquids that may fall on it, whether oils, colors, water, or any chemicals that may damage ordinary floors, or change their color degrees, as happens in marble, and need to be polished every once in a while.

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  • It has an advantage not found on any other floor, which is the absence of any welds or joints. It gives it a very long life span compared to ceramic or porcelain that has welds which can cause problems that cause floor damage or water leakage if they are in a bathroom or kitchen as a result of insulation defects.
  • You can mix it with paints and colored materials to fill any holes and use it to treat defects in concrete floors if they have cracks.
  • Its resistance to chemicals is due to its inert composition, which cannot react with any other compounds. It made it a suitable environment for places to manufacture medicines, cosmetics, or any substance that may be affected by any interactions surrounding it.
  • It does not shrink and resists water and most common solvents used to repair machinery, appliances, tools, lawnmowers, auto parts, and pipes for fixing metal and concrete as well as glass, ceramic, and wood. Install metal bolts, concrete, or stone and protect electrical components from moisture and vibration.
  • It also provides very high levels of safety to prevent slipping, especially in the bathroom, and prevent injuries.
  • Endless designs can be made in any shape or material, such as marble or wood, or printed with any image or engraving for any specific purpose, such as organizing a waiting queue and printing space for everyone standing in it or waiting areas at airports.
  • It acts as a layer of protection for the concrete floor from any external factors that need to expose, such as water leakage or any interacting materials.
  • Integrated protection from static charges. It is helpful in places where electronics are manufactured or assembled and becomes a condition of issuing licenses for factories that contain flammable materials not to prevent disasters.
  • Epoxy paint gives surfaces an aesthetic look and makes them feel smooth, making them suitable for walls and floors made of materials such as plastic, metal, and wood. It is also a suitable alternative to ceramic. Part of these uses is to create paints characterized by mixing with several metals, including copper, silver, gold, etc., to form a wonderful artistic painting.
  • It does not need maintenance or polishing, as with marble, and does not lose its color or interior design.

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Questions about Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Can 3-D epoxy floors be placed over ceramic or porcelain floors?

The answer is yes, and you can do this by painting ceramic or porcelain with the rough surface material; installation companies do this.

How long does a metallic epoxy floor last?

If you take good care of the metallic epoxy and experience daily use on average, it will last for about 20 years.

How strong is metallic epoxy?

It has a high capacity to withstand more pressure and repeated use. It is the only reason that pushes many people to install it because it is the strongest among all other materials, such as marble or ceramic. Some heavy transport vehicles enter the warehouse, run on the epoxy floor, and do not have any scratches.

Does metallic epoxy scratch easily?

No, epoxy coating is scratch resistant due to its ingredient composition.

What is metallic epoxy?

It is a special epoxy resin formulated with a metallic, pearlescent pigment that looks like marble, which can create shiny, reflective, seamless, and metallic stained concrete floor surfaces very attractive.

Can 3D floors or regular epoxy paint be done on a concrete floor or concrete wall?

The answer is, of course, but if the floor is cementing concrete, you will find a lot of scratches, burrs, and impurities. The plain layer of cement must be made on it to level the surface and wait until it dries for several days because one of the conditions for epoxy coating is that the surface does not contain any dust. It has to be perfectly level and clean. Most epoxy installers clean and polish floors before starting work.

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